Bathtub/Shower - Repair & Installation

Whether you’re looking to renew an old tub or install something more luxurious, a bathtub replacement can be recommended. Tubs and showers can last for years. But wear-and-tear can create problems over time. With our professional plumbing technicians, you can have your bathtub and shower maintained to last long before it perishes.

VIP Plumbers’ plumbing specialists provide expert bathtub repair and shower installation services including:

  • Tub hardware installation
  • Tub faucet repair or installation
  • Tub drain repair or installation
  • Shower pan installation
  • Showerhead installation
  • Shower faucet and hardware installation or repair

Our plumbers are available 24-hours a day to troubleshoot your shower or bathtub emergencies or provide any other plumbing services you might need. In addition, VIP Plumbers Co can help you upgrade to eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, as well as advise you with water conservation tips. Let VIP Plumbers Co free you from the hassle of shower and bathtub problems. Contact us today and get your bathtub/shower repair & installation.

Shower Repair


We provide pipe repair and installation services. Call our plumbers when you have problems such as broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe, and anything pipe problems you will encounter.
If you see or notice these signs on your drain system, it is the best time to replace a new one: your home is 50 years older, has numerous repairs, visible cloggings and often get leaks, and costs you more for the repairs.
A potential gas leak is serious and hazardous that is silent and odorless that you won’t notice immediately. Call VIP Plumbing Co if you suspect that you may have a gas leak to ensure you and your family are safe.
We offer water heater maintenance, repairs, and installation so you can enjoy your hot water worry-free!
VIP Plumbing Co specialists provide expert shower and bathtub repair and installation services. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to handle your shower or bathtub emergency problems.
Plumbing problems happen unexpectedly! Call us any time of the day or night whenever it happens. Our master plumbers are standing by to provide 24/7 plumbing services.

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